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Transportation Station offers children the opportunity to learn about the trucking industry in a positive, kids-safe, interactive way. Informative pages include:

• the diversity in trucking
• truck safety (and general driving safety)
• tours of the inside of a truck
• specialty trailers
• the life of a load
• truck driver and other industry qualifications
• interactive stories by children about their experiences in the trucking industry
• sections about placards, road signs, (CB) lingo, how to use/read a log book
• special section on unique loads
• trucking history
• information about map reading
• an “Ask a Real Professional Driver” question and answer section
• interactive, customized games section
• and much, much more…..all about the trucking industry

Our target audience is early elementary. Special icons will be located on pages where children can click to hear a local professional radio personality read page contents to children who are not yet quite able to read.

Teachers will benefit from the Transportation Station with free downloads; teaching aids/materials and lesson plans related to the site and classroom management tools with the trucking theme.  Trucking savvy teaching professionals will be able to customize their classroom with an eye-catching truck theme.

Please let us know if you are interested in helping out (or are in need of any additional information) with this tremendous opportunity. contact us or (336) 350-4922.

We look forward to hearing from and working with you soon!!


1336 South Church Street - Burlington, NC 27215