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t achograph  
A tachograph combines the jobs of a clock and a speedometer!  A tachograph records the truck's speed and the length of time that it is moving or still. Analog tachographs record the driverís periods of duty on a waxed paper disc which constantly turns throughout the work day. The marker moves nearer to or further from the center according to the driving speed. An entire rotation takes 24 hours.

Analog tachographs are vulnerable to tampering and are being replaced by digital tachographs which record data on smart cards.

t andem axels  
The tandem axels are the last two at the back of the trailer.
t anker  
A tanker is a trailer designed to haul liquids like milk or gas.  Some tankers have baffles (or dividers) inside to separate products or prevent the load from sloshing around every time the truck stops!
t arp  

A tarp is a covering for a load on the back of a trailer to keep out rain and other bad weather.

t attle-tell  
"Tattle-tell" is the slang term for a temperature recorder.
t erminal  
A terminal is a trucking company owned place where truckers come to pick up freight. Some terminals have offices where dispatchers customer service reps and driver managers work.
t oll  
A toll is a tax that truckers (and 4-wheelers) pay to drive on toll roads.
t oll booth  
Toll booths are where truckers (and 4-wheelers) pay their tolls.  Sometimes, people are inside the booths collecting tolls.  Sometimes, you just have to toss the correct change into a slot on the side of the booth.
t op pick  
A top pick carries and stacks containers.
t ractor  

A tractor is another name for a truck.

It's the "business end" of a tractor-trailer!!

t raffic  
Traffic refers to how many vehicles are on the road. If there are a bunch of vehicles all around, we say the traffic is heavy. If there are very few cars and trucks on the road, we say that traffic is light.
t railer  
Trailers are wagons pulled by a truck to haul freight.

There are many types of specialized trailers that were made to do special jobs!!

t railer jockey  

A trailer jockey is someone who operates a yard tractor.

t rucker  
A trucker is a person who drives a truck.

Truckers are also known as Truck Drivers.

t ruck stop  

A truck stop is a business that provides fuel, parking and usually food and other services (like showers, game room, TV/movie watching area, telephones and shopping areas) to truckers. Truck stops are usually located close to interstates or on highways so drivers can get to them easily.


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