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f ifth wheel  
The fifth wheel is a round plate above the drive tires that couples  [hooks together] the trailer to the truck.
f ingerprinting  
"Fingerprinting" is a slang term for unloading a truck by hand. A driver who is unloading his/her truck by hand has to put his/her fingers on each box unloaded - leaving behind the driver's fingerprints.
f latbed trailer  
A flatbed trailer is a giant platform on wheels (think skateboard!!) without sides.  Freight is loaded on the platform and is tied down with strapsTarps are used to cover the load and keep out rain and snow.
f orklift  
A forklift is small vehicle with two power-operated prongs at the front that can be slid under heavy pallets and then raised for moving. Forklifts are used to stack materials in warehouses.
f reight  

Freight is anything put in or on a trailer for transportation.
f uel  
Fuel is an energy source for engines.  It is burned in order to create power.
f uel desk  
A fuel desk is a busy place inside a truckstop where drivers come to: pay for their fuel; buy oil and other accessories for their truck; pick up faxes and permits from their company; get cash advances; get weight receipts for the certified scales; pick up keys and towels for a shower.
f uel island  
A fuel island is a place where drivers pull their trucks and trailers in to get fuel.  Drivers can also wash off the truck windshields, lights and mirrors for better vision.  Most fuel islands are covered to keep drivers out of the rain while they take care of their trucks.

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