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d estination  
A destination is place where you're going. The place where you want to end up when you're going on a trip.
d iesel engine  

A diesel engine is a compression-ignition engine in which a spray of diesel fuel is introduced into cylinder and air compressed by a piston to a temperature of approximately 1000 F (538 C).  The diesel fuel ignites at a virtually constant pressure.  This pressure creates the force needed for motion.

d iesel fuel  
Diesel fuel is a combustible (able to burn) petroleum in a purified and concentrated form used in diesel engines.
d ispatcher  

Dispatchers arrange the pickup and delivery schedules of all the company's drivers, whether they're driving small local delivery vehicles or long-haul rigs. They are also responsible for bringing together orders of freight so that trailers are filled before setting out on the way to their destinations.

d ock  

A dock is a platform where trucks load or unload freight.

d ock supervisor  
Dock Supervisors co-ordinates the people who have to load and unload trailers, and move and store freight within the warehouse. They assign job tasks to dock workers according to loading and unloading schedules, and oversee trucks being loaded. They make sure that regulations are being followed and that the trailers are being loaded properly to minimize shifting or damage to goods during transit. Dock Supervisors also have to check shipments against work orders.
D .O.T.  

The Department of Transportation or D.O.T.'s mission is to serve the United States by ensuring a fast, safe, efficient, accessible and convenient transportation system that meets our vital national interests and enhances the quality of life of the American people, today and into the future. (from the D.O.T. website)

d river manager

Driver Managers help drivers do their jobs successfully. They are problem solvers!! If something is wrong with the driver (sickness or other problems), truck or load, a driver can call his/her manager to let him/her know what's going on.  Drivers don't want to be late with the pick-up or delivery of a load. Driver Managers help the driver with communication between the dispatcher and the customer service rep so that s/he's never late.

d rives

"Drives" is the slang term for drive axles which are the two back tractor axles.

d rop deck trailer  
A drop deck trailer features a upper level deck with a step down to longer platform deck.
d ry van trailer  

A dry van is a trailer that is not  insulated, and has no attached heating or cooling equipment that is designed to maintain the temperature of the load. Non-temperature sensitive products such as dry goods (like canned food, sugar, flour), clothes, cardboard, paper, and general merchandise (furniture, TVs, computers and toys!!) are transported in dry vans.  Dry van trailers range from 26 feet to 53 feet long and 106 inches wide.  The vast majority of freight transported across the United States is done by dry van trailer.  
d ump trailer  
Dump trailers are special trailers built for hauling materials such a dirt and other natural or loose materials.  The dump trailer has a bed that tilts backward to dump the loose material.

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