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b ear  

Bear is a slang term for a Highway Patrol Officer.

See also: State Trooper.

b ed bugger  

Bedbuggers are truck drivers who work for moving companies. 

Bed buggers have to load/unload their trailers when they get to customers homes or business.

b ill(s) of lading

Bills of lading are the paperwork that is written proof of a carrier's agreement to provide service to a shipper.   It gives details about where the load is to be picked up and delivered as well as how much it's going to cost to get the load moved. A signed bill of lading shows that the carrier picked up the load in good condition from the shipper.

b obtail

Bobtails are trucks (tractors) without the trailer attached.

b ridge

A bridge is a structure carrying a pathway or road over water or around an obstacle

1. beam
2. truss
3. arch
4. suspension 
5. cable-stayed       

b roker

A broker is someone who buys loads (from shippers) and sells them to carriers.

b ull hauler  

A bull hauler is a truck driver that specializes in hauling livestock. (farm animals)


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